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We're up to our Chin(s) in excitement with the newest addition to our lab!

We're excited to welcome and introduce a brand-new post-doctoral researcher in our lab, Wai Hoe Chin!

Wai Hoe joins us in the hopes of spearheading a research project in microbiology as well as to "eat more and get swole".

Having the distinction of being the very first microbiologist that Dwayne has managed to hire in our group, Wai Hoe brings his expertise in microfluidics and is developing a novel biofilm-on-a-chip system in the lab. He completed his undergraduate honors program in the UK and recently completed his PhD in 2022 with Dr. Jeremy Barr at Monash University.

"These are biofilms in crisps not chips." - Wai Hoe 2022

When he isn't pitting bacteria and phages against each other in a micro-fight club, Wai Hoe enjoys reading actual (non-scientific literature) novels, watching arthouse films, embarking on food-related adventures, and learning new languages (because clearly 5 isn't enough).


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