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All things phage biology!

Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages that infect Citrobacter rodentium, a model pathogen for intestinal diseases.

Carolina Mizuno,Tiffany Luoung, Robert Cederstrom, Mart Kruprovic, Laurent Debarbieux, Dwayne Roach

Viruses 2020

Framing the future with bacteriophages in agriculture.

Antonet Svircev, Dwayne Roach, Alan Castle

Viruses 2018

Absence of lysogeny in wild populations of Erwinia amylovora and Pantoea agglomerans.

Dwayne Roach, David Sjaarda, Calvin Sjaarda, Carlos Juarez Ayala, Brittany Howcroft, Alan Castle, Antonet Svircev

Microbial Biotechnology 2015

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