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Modeling multiphage-bacteria kinetics to predict phage therapy potency and longevity. 

TYu Z, Luong T, Banuelos S, Sue A, Horn MA, Ryu H, Roach DR, Segal R, Huang Q (2023) Modeling multiphage-bacteria kinetics to predict phage therapy potency and longevity. bioRxiv

Phage therapy in the resistance era: where do we stand and where are we going? 

Tiffany Luong, Ann-Charlott Salabarria, Dwayne Roach
Clinical Therapeutics 2

Standardized bacteriophage purification for personalized phage therapy. 

Tiffany Luong, Ann-Charlott Salabarria, Robert Edwards, Dwayne Roach
Nature Protocols 2

Stronger Together? Perspectives on phage-antibiotic synergy in clinical applications of phage therapy. 

Anca Segall, Dwayne Roach, Stephanie Strathdee
Current Opinion in Microbiology 2019

Design of a broad-range bacteriophage cocktail that reduces Pseudomonas aeruginosa acute biofilms and treats infections in two animal models. 

Francesca Forti, Dwayne Roach, Marco Cafora, Maria Pasini, David horner, Ersilia Fiscarelli, Martina Rossitto, Lisa Cariani, Federica Briani, Laurent Debarbieux, Daniela Ghisotti
Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 2018

Synergy between the host immune system and bacteriophage is essential for successful phage therapy against an acute respiratory pathogen.

Dwayne Roach, Chung Yin Leung, Marine Henry, Eric Morello, Devika Singh, James Di Santo, Joshua Weitz, Laurent Debarbieux

Cell Host & Microbe 2017

THIS WEEK IN MICROBIOLOGY TWiM #159: Immunophage synergy
00:00 / 1:00:36
BacterioFiles 336: Phages Fortify Friendly Fighters
00:00 / 14:07

Phage therapy: awakening a sleeping giant.

Dwayne Roach, Laurent Debarbieux

Emerging Topics in Life Sciences 2017

Triple-acting lytic enzyme treatment of drug-resistant and intracellular Staphylococcus aureus.

Stephen Becker, Dwayne Roach, Vinita Chauhan, Yang Shen, Juli Foster-Frey, Anne Powell, Gary Bauchan, Richard Lease, Homan Mohammadi, William Harty, Chad Simmons, Mathias Schmelcher, Mary Camp, Shengli Dong, John Baker, Tamsin Sheen, Kelly Doran, David Pritchard, Raul Almeida, Daniel Nelson, Ian Marriott, Jean Lee, David Donovan

Scientific Reports 2016

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