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We're in euphoria, welcome Viktoria!

"I was born in 2000, of course I'm a Belieber. 💁‍♀️ " - Viktoria "I bring youth to this lab" Voragen

We'd like to welcome Viktoria Voragen to our team of phage enthusiasts! Viktoria originally joined our lab as an undergraduate (but we forgot to make a post about that, whoops) in Fall 2021 where she managed to convince us to keep her around despite her pre-med intentions.

Viktoria recently graduated in Spring 2022 with her BA in Biology. She is now a full-time research technician on our team and continues to support our many projects.

When she isn't in the lab, Viktoria volunteers with Streets of Hope, Feeding San Diego, and Alzheimer's San Diego. She also enjoys ice skating and going on hot girl walks at Lake Murray. ⛸

In the future, Viktoria is interested in continuing her medical and research pursuits by studying phage application for burn wounds.

White coat #1 out of 2! (We're rooting for you Viktoria!! 🙌)

*P.S. - Tiffany failed to spell Bielieber 3 times so that really just proves her point.


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