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Visiting Immunologist Ann-Charlott

On Tuesday, our lab was excited to host Dr. Ann-Charlott Salabarria, an immunologist who trained at the University of Cologne in Germany!

She gave us a fascinating talk about angiogenic factors (VEGFs in particular) and their effects on inflammation and vascularization.

Of particular interest to myself and the lab were the experiments that showed that treatments that blocked VEGFs reduced the amount of immune cells (such as dendritic cells and macrophages) that were recruited to the system, thus limiting the immune response in the animal.

Pictured: Ann-Charlott and Eureka’s beer flight.

In true Roach Lab fashion, we went to Eureka! afterwards and got into a debate about the best beers in Europe and stateside. (Dwayne and Ann-Charlott eventually agreed to rank Belgium in the top spot. In my opinion though, San Diego has wayyyyy more options. Also, I haven’t been to Belgium so if anyone has a travel fund or grant they’d like to give me…)

If anyone's interested in Ann's work, she runs a blog about her projects at "So Protective".

All in all, work and play are going hand in hand here and things are getting busy in the lab!

- Tiffany


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