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Undergraduate Summer Update!

Summer is here, and with it the escape of undergrads into the wild. For our lab, it means that we're sad to see Matt (betray us!!) leave us for the summer.

Matt will be spending his summer in the Bay area doing research in Pediatric Cardiac Stem Cells at UCSF. He will be returning to us in the Fall, ready to show us his new dish washing and buffer making techniques*. (*Mostly kidding, we expect you to become a cell culture savant this summer though.)

"I'm grateful for my time spent in this lab. I am sad to go, but am excited to return in the fall to see all the great work done in the meantime while I'm away." - Matt

As a farewell (for now) meal, we went to a local favorite (Trujillo's) for lunch.

Pictured (left to right): Robby, Tiffany, Dwayne, Jewel, and Matt.

It also served as a welcome meal as we welcome Julia (Jewel) Mollet, a second year studying Kinesiology and Biology here at SDSU.

Last but most exciting, we'd like to congratulate Robby!!!

As the most senior member of the lab (he beat me here by 1 week...), he's making us all proud by winning himself a SDSU Undergraduate Summer Research Award!!! He's received $3,000 from SDSU Research to complete a summer research project and present it at the Student Research Symposium (SRS) in Spring 2020.

We're looking forward to some great results and a fun summer with him here at the lab.

Robby: "I'd like to thank SDSU Research for finally recognizing this great untapped potential."

That's it for now, stay tuned for what Robby/Dwayne/Jewel & I are doing this summer!

- Tiffany


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