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Spring Break for the Lab!

Although we don't actually take off for the whole week of spring break, (😢 oh sweet sweet youth...) we still had some fun during the week of spring break. 😊

On Sunday 3/31 we went out with the Dinsdale and Edwards labs to Pacific Beach and enjoyed the beach, booze, and (volley)ball there!

Pictured: Tiffany (PhD Student Roach Lab) and Asha (PhD Student Dinsdale Lab).

The Dinsdale and Edwards labs have been wonderful friends to us both inside and outside the lab environment. Thanks for inviting us to the beach!

Later, we even had a bonfire with some leftover packaging material and spam mail.

Did you really have a bonfire if you didn't make smores?

Later in the week, SDSU welcomed some new students to the CMB JDP Program and we went to happy hour with a few of our out of town guests.

Old Town San Diego

We had some great conversations and margaritas to finish up the break. 🍹

Cheers and welcome to the SDSU family!

Here's to many more productive weeks and exciting outings to come!

- Tiffany


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