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Pop some Champagne, we have a second Canadian in the lab! 🍾

Our lab would like to welcome our brand new (Canadian eh) post-doctoral researcher Kevin Champagne-Jorgensen!

"What came first, Timbits or donut holes? If you dig a hole in the ground do you call the pile of dirt 'Earth holes'?" - Kevin 2021

Kevin joins us from Hamilton, Canada where he recently completed his PhD in Neuroscience studying the role of membrane vesicles and phage in microbiota-host communication.

Kevin brings with him his interdisciplinary experience in immunology, microbiology, and neurobiology as well as his strong opinions about Canadian snacks. Amazingly, he's never seen a James Bond movie so we'll also begin his training as the next 007 while he does some phage science.

We're so excited to have him join our research team and we can't wait to see what he'll do (when we're not distracting him with cacti and blockbuster films).



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