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J&J, an Undergrad Company

We'd like to showcase our amazing undergraduates in the lab today.

Jennifer Melendez is a senior at SDSU working on her Cell and Molecular Biology degree. She is supporting a variety of projects in the lab including work on microbial diagnostics with Tiffany (PhD student), microfluidic biofilms with Dr. Chin (postdoc), and hypoxic growth experiments with Andrew (master's student). Jenn is currently applying to PhD programs in microbiology to continue pursuing translational research projects (hopefully in phage!). Jenn's passions in life include her dog Peach, Val Kilmer (past and present), fashionable sneakers, and pop culture. 🐶

"I'm a firm believer that Whataburger has the best ketchup." - Jenn

Jorge Villanueva is a junior at SDSU working on his degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. He plans to apply for graduate school after obtaining his bachelor's. He is currently supporting everyone's projects by diligently pouring plates, attempting to fix the autoclave for the 20th time, and shadowing Andrew both in the lab and at the gym. When confronted about his love for McDonald's Ranch (Viktoria: It tastes like glue!) Jorge's only response was "I guess I like glue then". In his free time, Jorge enjoys staring at maps and watching sports. ⚽

"I also plan to eat more and get swole like Wai Hoe -- and to fix the autoclave." Jorge (2/3 of those things might actually happen)


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