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Dwayne & Tiffany Give Talks at the June ARCS Meeting

This month Dwayne & Tiffany had the pleasure of giving a talk at the La Jolla Country Club for the members of the ARCS community. It was such a blast to discuss the science happening in our lab to an audience of science enthusiasts and supporters. We'd like to thank the members of ARCS once again for their invitation and their genuine interest in phage therapy. 😊

Tiffany & Dwayne all smiles after chatting with the ARCS community. (Photo Credit: Laurie Roeder)

The rest of this post comes from the ARCS Foundation San Diego Chapter Facebook page:

The June 6 General Meeting was a huge success, with 57 members in attendance. It was a celebratory meeting as we closed an ARCS year full of accomplishments, successes, and wonderful learning experiences. President Kathe Albrecht commended the entire chapter for their important roles in making these successes possible.
We began with an informative business meeting which summarized the chapter’s activities this year. As part of the meeting, the membership voted on the 2023-2024 slate of officers and Kathe thanked the current board for their hard work on behalf of the chapter. She presented small gifts to each of the outgoing board members: Rachel Collins, Holly Heaton, Pat Judd, Robin Luby, and Helga Moore.
After the meeting and before lunch was served, members had a few minutes of informal time to catch up with old friends, new members, and guests. We then heard from our two speakers. Dwayne Roach explained the important research that his lab is conducting on phage therapies, a ground-breaking treatment that tackles tough antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases. It was eye-opening to hear about new developments, and to learn about the short time frame scientists work in to stay ahead of infections that are developing resistance to existing therapies.
Dwayne then introduced our ARCS Scholar Tiffany Luong, one of the doctoral students working in his lab. She spoke about the application of the phage therapies, the process the lab goes through in order to get the innovative therapies to the patients. Dwayne and Tiffany fielded questions from the audience afterward.
The ARCS members and guests would have kept them there for longer, but it was time to adjourn our culminating general meeting of the year.

Tiffany would like to once again thank ARCS for their continued funding and support.


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