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iPATH/VII Seminar Series: Dr. Dwayne Roach @UCSD

Dr. Dwayne Roach from SDSU (left) and Dr. David Pride from UCSD (right).

As part of a joint effort between UCSD's iPath and SDSU's VII a series of seminars have been planned to take place at both schools.

First on the list speaking at UCSD yesterday was our very own Dr. Dwayne Roach. His talk titled "Life saving phage therapy does not work for everyone: How do we fix that?" captured the attention of graduate students from SDSU and UCSD as well as clinicians interested in infectious diseases and phage therapy.

A huge thank you to all the audience members who participated!

Afterwards we socialized at Rock Bottom Brewery and found out just how studious our undergrad Robby is... no really, that wasn't sarcasm.

Robby, pictured here doing homework. (Until his laptop battery died.)

Those interested in future talks can click here for more information.

- Tiffany


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