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A Whole Lotta Talent Just Joined Our Lab!

July 1st is an exciting day for most Americans (looking forward to the Fourth of July holiday) and to Canadians (because it’s Canada day). But for most Germans, it’s a pretty standard date—except for our BRAND NEW (and FIRST) post-doctoral scholar, Dr. Ann-Charlott Salabarria (Lotta) who started her first day in the Roach Lab!!!

All smiles on her first day in the lab!

Ann-Charlott comes to us after graduating from the University of Cologne in Germany, there she recently acquired her PhD in immunology studying corneal transplantations. For more information about her background see her blog here.

After a grueling interview at Eureka! back in April, we’re very excited to welcome Ann-Charlott to our lab in SDSU.

Already we’ve been having a great time with Ann-Charlott in the lab, stay tuned for another update soon about our latest lab outing!

We're SO EXCITED to have Lotta join our lab! (Credit: Pedromics)

- Tiffany


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