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A Dynamic Duo Joins the Lab! Welcome Lindsey & Allison

First we have Allison Hedin, a first-year master’s student from Davis, California. She graduated from San Diego State University in May 2023 with a BS in cell and molecular biology. She’s currently studying immune response with phages in the lab.

"On Wednesdays we wear lab coats. 🥼"

"I'm interested in better understanding the relationship between dendritic cells and phages of all varieties, such as Citrobacter rodentium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Mycobacterium smegmatis. I also work on improving phage purification techniques to apply them to these different species." In her free time Allison practices Irish dancing, binges animated films, and enjoys cheeses 🧀 (just keep the fruit jam away from it).

Next is Lindsey Camara, also a first-year master’s student from Maplewood, New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BA in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology in May 2023. She is studying phage discovery and characterization.

"I like the smell of Pseudomonas, E. coli stinks!"

"I’m working with discovering and characterizing phages to add to our ever-growing list of therapeutic phages. I have been working with Pseudomonas aeruginosa phages as well as Stenotrophomonas maltopihilia phages. I also do some bioinformatics such as assembling phage and bacterial genomes, and analyzing mutations." In her free time Lindsey enjoys video games, romance films, and being slay 👢.


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