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30secs to save the world (ARCS SOY 2023)

Save the date! The ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation is holding its Scientist of the Year event in-person this year at The Conrad in La Jolla, California. This year's event celebrates scientist of the year Dr. Margaret Leinen, an ocean biogeochemist and paleoceanographer whose research includes study of ocean carbon cycling and the role of the oceans in climate.

In addition to this year's honoree, San Diego State's very own Dr. Forest Rohwer is the Scholar Alumnus Speaker at this year's event.

To promote the event and for her introduction at the event, Tiffany recorded a short video introducing herself, her research, and the importance of her ARCS fellowship.

Thanks to Viktoria (director), Zimri (production assistant), and Luke (props manager) for their help! And of course, thank you ARCS for all their support.


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